Christmas in July? The Library ABC, part 6

It’s cold here in South Africa. Several towns reported minimum temperatures of around -10° Celsius (14° Farenheit) this morning. “That’s nothing”, you may say, in Wisconsin or Finland. Well, our houses are mainly built to keep us cool. We don’t have central heating or double glazing, and many people — far too many — live in flimsy shacks. So it’s cold.

That reminded me of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and that thought led to me to think of Christmas. And of the next instalment of my “Library ABC”. which I send out around Christmas every year. This year I’ll be posting pictures of three libraries whose names begin with the letters S, T and U, or which are located in towns whose names begin with those letters. I’ll have to do something about that before December. But then I realized that I hadn’t yet posted last years instalment, PQR. Here it is.

For the earlier part of the alphabet, click here.


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