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Researching IFLA’s history: archives

During the IFLA World Library and Information Congress (WLIC) held in Dublin. Ireland. in July 2022. IFLA’s Special Interest Group for Library History (LibHist SIG) held an Open Session focusing on our preparation for IFLA ‘s centenary in 2027.  Here … Continue reading

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Global Gleanings 13: LIASA in the Literature. Part 2: from baby steps to adulthood

In this edition of Global Gleanings, I continue my overview of the literature on LIASA, with references and some personal recollections.  Part 1 dealt with LIASA’s “prehistory”, the processes that led to its founding in 1997 and its first annual … Continue reading

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Global gleanings no 12:  LIASA in the Literature. Part 1: the beginnings

Twenty-five years! It calls for a celebration, and so this edition of my column and the next are devoted to what has been written about LIASA, both here and internationally. It comes in two parts. In Part 1 I deal … Continue reading

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