Two accolades

Rachel More, Chairperson of the SALI Trust, hands over the SALIT-LIASA Lifetime Achievement Award to Peter Lor

Rachel More hands Lifetime Achievement Award to Peter Lor

I was honoured on 6 October this year when the S.A. Library and Information (SALI) Trust and the Library and Information Association of S.A. (LIASA) bestowed their Lifetime Achievement Award on me at the LIASA-SCECSAL Conference dinner.  This joint award acknowledges a sustained contribution to the library and information profession and notable impact and influence over many years. The citation can be read here.

Another accolade came when I received a copy of a recently published Festschrift for noted Italian LIS scholar, Giovanni di Dominico, which includes a rather flattering chapter on my career and writings.

The chapter, which appears in a section of essays on “Library science, social sciences, and organizational disciplines”, is entitled “Peter Lor’s thinking on international and comparative librarianship: some reflections on International and comparative librarianship”. It is authored by Professor Mauro Guerrini, of the University of Florence, and his doctoral student, Lapo Ghiringhelli (Guerrini and Ghiringhelli 2022). The emphasis of the chapter is on my career in international librarianship during his time at the National Library of South Africa and afterwards, including my participation in the Conference of Directors of National Libraries and my term as secretary general of IFLA, and on my book, International and comparative librarianship: concepts and methods for global studies (Lor 2019). At time of writing an Italian translation of the first six chapters of this book is being prepared for publication by Edizione AIB, the publishing house of the Italian library association. The translation covers the sections on the history, literature and concepts of the field, and the methodology for international and comparative research.


Guerrini, Mauro, and Lapo Ghiringhelli. 2022. “Biblioteconomia Internazionale e Comparata nel Pensiero di Peter Lor: Qualche Riflessione Su International and Comparative Librarianship.” In Culture e Funzione Sociale Della Biblioteca: Memoria, Organizzazione, Futuro.  Studi in Onore Di Giovanni Di Domenico [Cultue and Social Function of the Library: Memory, Organization, Future. Studies in Honour of Giovanni Di Domenico], edited by Anna Bilotta, 323–31. Bibliotecari:  Professione Storia Cultura. Roma: Associazione Italiana Biblioteche.

Lor, Peter Johan. 2019. International and Comparative Librarianship: Concepts and Methods for Global Studies. Global Studies in Libraries and Information 4. Berlin; Boston: De Gruyter/Saur.


About Peter Lor

Peter Johan Lor is a Netherlands-born South African librarian and academic. In retirement he continues to pursue scholarly interests as a research fellow in the Department of Information Science at the University of Pretoria, South Africa.
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